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Influence Styles Inventory Questionnaire

This easy-to-score instrument assesses three communication styles that people use to influence others: Passive, Assertive and Aggressive.

£13.09 £6.55

Influence Styles Inventory Trainer Guide

A useful tool for assertiveness training in the context of more general training and development programmes

£87.53 £43.77

INSIGHT Inventory - TEAM

Using all of the tried and trusted knowledge gained by using the Insight Inventory, this team-focused product is dedicated to evaluating and improving vital group communication.

£12.10 £6.05


Newly revised to include both self and team based interpretative content.

£25.74 £19.30

Coaching for Results Participant Workbook

This Skills-Based Workshop is designed to help you develop the skills necessary to be a successful coach and to prepare a plan to put those skills into practice.
£13.76 £6.88

Communication Style Inventory–Self

To be completed by the target person. An easy-to-use assessment instrument which effectively pinpoints communication behaviour patterns.

£8.92 £4.46

Dealing with Change Participant Guide

Managers are often just as stressed as employees by the rigours of change and don't always have the time or the skills necessary to anticipate all of their employees' emotional and professional needs. So, too often, employees feel resentful, confused, fearful, or resistant – and the change effort stalls

Dealing With Change takes participants through an introductory scenario, where they imagine that they are in the midst of a difficult and frustrating change initiative. They then rank 12 action items that will help them to participate positively in the change effort. Participants compare their scores to the expert ranking and discover how well they are managing change. An easy-to-learn, 5-step plan shows them how to transfer the learning back on the job.

£14.50 £9.06

Empowerment Profile Employee Version

Employee Version. The candid responses to these questions will help a manager understand the degree to which an employee sees themselves as being empowered at work.

£7.20 £3.60

Empowerment Profile Facilitator Guide

Wise leaders know that power is an unusual kind of currency. The more you give it away, the more you end up having. Help leaders understand this essential concept with the new edition of the Empowerment Profile - an in-depth instrument that provides leaders with a measurement of the degree to which they perceive themselves to have power at work.

£62.22 £31.11

Empowerment Profile Leader Version

Many People are paying attention to the topic of empowerment because it promises to help them make sense of many personal and organisational situations. By responding to the items in this questionnaire, you will learn how empowered you are in your job.

£17.52 £8.71

From Start to Finish

A 40-card activity illustrating the different stages of a recruitment process.

£16.50 £8.25

Gathering and Using Information

This assessment provides insight into how you gather and use information.

£13.68 £6.84

Highly Effective Meeting Profile

This 50-item survey and skill profile is designed to enable you to assess meeting effectiveness over time, it is appropriate to use this survey only with intact and ongoing groups or teams that meet on a regular basis (e.g. once a week)

£16.92 £8.50

How Would You Respond?

10-item self-assessment designed to give you insight into the ways in which you respond to people in your interpersonal communications.

£13.68 £6.84

INSIGHT Inventory-360° Style Feedback Set

This folder contains five INSIGHT 360 degree Style Feedback Inventories, step-by-step instructions for using this product successfully, and guidelines for conducting productive follow-up discussions

£14.72 £7.36

Interacting With Others

Offers insight into how you interact with others in one-on-one and team situations

£13.68 £6.84

Interviewing With INSIGHT

Effective employment interviewing using the INSIGHT Inventory.

£14.74 £7.37

Jungle Escape 4th Edition Extra Participant Booklets

Extra Participant Booklet (4th Edition while stocks last)

£11.14 £5.57

Motivating Others CD

Examine your personal motivating factors and how to use them, then apply the same principles to motivating others. From the Guide to Better Management audio series of twelve titles based on neurolinguistic programming.

£8.78 excl VAT £4.39 excl VAT

Relating Styles

Designed either for use by both partners, or individually if the partners are having difficulties communicating or if the relationship is under stress. If a relationship is having problems, this is a great tool for working through them. If the relationship is thriving, the assessment can help improve effectiveness.

£13.68 £6.84

Responsive Leader Questionnaire and Capability Inventory–Employee Version

Situation-based leadership assessment for management development training. Measures current skill in managing employees and improves leadership effectiveness by developing supervisory skills, leadership skills, coaching skills, and the ability to motivate employees.

£7.48 £3.74

Responsive Leader Questionnaire and Capability Inventory–Leader Version

Complete self-help toolkit for supervisors, managers, and leaders.

£11.78 £5.89

Responsive Leader Questionnaire and Capability Inventory–Toolkit

Contains 1 Employee Version, 1 Leader Version and The Interpretive Guide

£55.00 £27.50

Selling with Insight - Participant Booklet

Helps quickly establish open communications with customers, develop trust, and overcome personailty differences that interfere with selling. Contains the INSIGHT Inventory, self-scoring template, and profiling charts and two application sections.

£12.10 £6.05

Structuring Personal Activity

Insight into how you structure your individual and team activities

£13.68 £6.84

Survey of Organizational Climate

This 60-item assessment measures employee attitude on factors such as clarity of goals, advancement, working relationships, and management.

£8.12 £4.06

Team Leader CD

Consider strategies for developing a strong staff team through having a common focus and by using the diverse strengths of individual team players

£8.78 excl VAT £4.39 excl VAT

The Manager as Role Model CD

As a manger you are a role model to your staff – so what sort of an example are you setting? One of a series of compact disc programmes that can work for everyone, from the shop floor to board level.

£8.78 excl VAT £4.39 excl VAT

The Manager's Pocket Guide to Public Presentations

A confidence builder… will help any manager begin to overcome speaking anxiety

£14.16 £7.08

Training Needs Assessment Tool

Looking for a quick way to uncover your employees’ most critical training needs? The T-NAT is a quick means of learning your employees’ most critical training needs.

£10.50 £5.25

Using Time Effectively CD

If you ever wish for more hours in a day and wonder how to fit everything in, this is the title, one of a series of compact disc programmes that can work for everyone, from the shop floor to board level

£7.70 excl VAT £3.85 excl VAT

What Do You Say?

12-item self-assessment designed to give you insight into the ways in which you respond to people in your interpersonal communications.

£12.02 £6.01

Rainforest Game First Edition Participant Workbook

Extra Participant Booklet (1st Edition while stocks last)

£10.16 £5.08

Black Belt Memory Jogger™

A 272-page low cost tool that can bring you Six Sigma success. Help all of your Black Belts become the teachers, mentors, and leaders you know they can be.

£9.08 £4.54

ISO 9001:2000 Paraphrased

Help your team quickly understand the nature and extent of the tasks they need to complete for ISO 9001:2000 registration. 33-pages.

£6.56 £3.28

The Business of Health Care

A 208 page collection of Journal of Management Articles.

£23.10 £11.55

The Memory Jogger 9000/2000

177-page Pocket Guide to Implementing the ISO 9001 Quality Systems Standard Based on ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001:2000.

£13.20 £6.60

Six Sigma Memory Jogger™ II

A Pocket Guide of Tools for Six Sigma Improvement Teams.

£9.08 £4.54

Organizational Recognition Assessment for Managers

ORAM seeks to help managers and organisations determine why managers use or do not use recognition when managing their employees.

£12.02 £6.01

Project Management Memory Jogger™

This 169-page Memory Jogger was developed to help project sponsors, project team leaders and project team members to work seamlessly so their work projects could be completed on-time and on-budget.

£13.20 £6.60

Career Anchoring Pattern

Helps determine your talents, motives, values and other forces which have guided, constrained and/or integrated you into your worklife.

£6.82 £3.41

Type Indicator

Personality style is an integral part of many training sessions.

£10.02 £5.01

Communication Style Inventory-Other

To be effective this needs to be completed by 3-8 people who have first-hand knowledge of the target person's use of the four communication styles.

£4.18 £2.09

Profile of Leadership Opportunities Assessment

A 60-item self-scoring Assessment Tool for Leaders to identify opportunities to boost employee performance through leadership.

£9.46 £4.73

Recognition Practices Inventory

Move from subjective feelings to objective analysis of actual behavioural practices with this complement to the Recognition Practices Inventory for Leaders.

£7.38 £3.69

The Team Memory Jogger™

A 164-page mini-guide for team members which helps you take advantage of the rewards offered by team membership and work through the challenges that may arise.

£6.60 £3.30

Recognition Practices Inventory for Managers

A tool for managers to reflect on what forms of recognition they feel they provide to their employees when they do good work.

£7.38 £3.69

Up Deer Creek without a Boatman

Additional copies of this collaboration simulation for Grand Canyon Adventures programmes

£6.98 £3.49

Incident at Elves Chasm: Action Plan

Additional copies of this Consensus and Consultation simulation for Grand Canyon Adventures programmes

£6.98 £3.49

Incident at Elves Chasm: Priority Setting

Additional Copies of this simulation for Grand Canyon Adventures programmes

£6.98 £3.49

Overboard in the Roaring River

Additional copies of this simulation for Grand Canyon Adventures programmes

£6.98 £3.49

Lava Falls Version 2.0

Determining the Essentials in this extreme decision-making simulation

£6.98 £3.49

Up Deer Creek without a Boatman Version 2.0

This adventure demonstrates the importance of a rigorous problem-solving analysis

£6.98 £3.49

Effective Team Member Profile Feedback Form

Feedback Form helps provide useful feedback to another person about their performance as a member of a team.

£9.24 £4.62

Effective Team Member Profile Participant Guide

Helps individuals understand what it takes to be a viable and potent member of a team - and how their behaviour clearly indicates the extent to which they are (or aren't) effective.

£18.92 £9.46

Performance Appraisal Skills Inventory

Help managers turn performance appraisals into productive and even enjoyable experiences.

£17.42 £8.71

Knock Your Socks Off Service

Today's customers want service that is faster, better, cheaper. But how do you know if your organization is prepared to meet that challenge? Find out with the Knock Your Socks Off Service (KYSOS) Readiness Assessment series.

From £8.71 excl VAT

The Manager's Pocket Guide to Generation X

How do we recruit and train the best and the brightest X'ers? How do we keep them challenged and productive? And how do we keep the best ones from moving on?

£6.81 £3.40