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50 Activities for Developing Counseling Skills in Managers

Enables managers to concentrate on the personal views, feelings, and opinions of their staff, encourage person-centered management, improve interpersonal skills, ensure that organisational goals are achieved and more…
£111.82 £55.91

Coaching for Results Assessment Instrument

Designed to act as an indicator of coaching skill development need. Evaluate yourself and request your manager evaluate you.
£2.35 £1.18

Coaching for Results Participant Workbook

This Skills-Based Workshop is designed to help you develop the skills necessary to be a successful coach and to prepare a plan to put those skills into practice.
£12.50 £6.25

Communication Style Inventory–Self

To be completed by the target person. An easy-to-use assessment instrument which effectively pinpoints communication behaviour patterns.
£8.10 £4.05

Effective Interviewing–CD

How to ensure that you present information in such a way that you get your message across perfectly by preparing both your delivery and yourself, to bring your audience with you. From the Guide to Better Management audio series of twelve titles based on neurolinguistic programming
£6.99 excl VAT £3.99 excl VAT

Effective Meetings–CD

If you spend hours of your precious time in boring, ineffective meetings, Effective Meetings will prepare you to make them more focused and effective. One of a series of compact disc programmes that can work for everyone, from the shop floor to board level.
£6.99 excl VAT £3.99 excl VAT

From Start to Finish

A 40-card activity illustrating the different stages of a recruitment process.
£29.99 excl VAT £15.00 excl VAT

How to Get to Win…Win–CD

Explore the preparation and techniques which enable you to become a powerful and ethical influencer
£6.99 excl VAT £3.99 excl VAT

Interviewing With INSIGHT

Effective employment interviewing using the INSIGHT Inventory.
£13.40 £6.70

Jungle Escape 4th Edition Extra Participant Booklets

Extra Participant Booklet (4th Edition while stocks last)
£10.12 £5.06

Making Decisions

Gain insight into how you make decisions by yourself and with others
£11.96 £5.98

Making the Right Decisions–CD

Consider how you can ensure that you have prepared well to enrich your decision making and be confident that your decision, when implemented, will work. Part of A Guide to Better Management Audio series of compact disc programmes that can work for everyone, from the shop floor to board level.
£6.99 excl VAT £3.99 excl VAT