Selling with Insight - Participant Booklet


Code: 4444

Helps quickly establish open communications with customers, develop trust, and overcome personailty differences that interfere with selling. Contains the INSIGHT Inventory, self-scoring template, and profiling charts and two application sections.

Selling with Insight consists of two sections.

• Section One leads step-by-step through the completion of the INSIGHT Inventory, a short assessment that will help identify personal strengths.
• Section Two will guide you through a series of skill-building activities to help use the acquired information to sell more effectively.

You'll Learn

• the 'selling' strengths of your personality style,
• how to flex your style to establish tension-free relationships,
• strategies for selling to customers with different personalities.

Salespeople could increase their sales by 30% by learning to flex their style when presenting to customers. Selling with Insight helps sales people learn to do just that!

Sales are often made based on the quality of the interpersonal relationships sales representatives establish between themselves and their customers. Studies of successful selling have shown that it’s important for sales representatives to know what their dominant personality traits are and how their behaviour may affect customers. But, knowing this is only part of the formula; it’s also critical that sales representatives develop skill at temporarily “flexing” their personality styles so that they communicate differently with a wide variety of customers. Selling with Insight guides sales representatives through a step-by-step process that helps them learn how:

• their personality traits affect their behaviour

• they behave when under stress and what selling situations might bring out this unproductive behaviour

• their personalities impact their communications and sales approaches with their customers

• they are likely to be perceived — both positively and negatively — by their customers

• to flex their styles to sell more effectively to customers with similar and different styles

• to use the most appropriate strategies for dealing with difficult customers.

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FORMAT Self-scoring instrument
AUDIENCE All organisation members
AUTHOR Patrick Handley, Ph.D.