Coaching Development Tools and Games

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Get Fit for Coaching Game

Get Your Team Fit for Coaching

Effective coaching makes individuals feel good about their work, increases commitment and ownership. It also enables mastering of new skills and responsibilities... resulting in improvements in innovation, speed, and quality.

The skills required of an effective coach appear simple, but are much more difficult to practice consistently and thoughtfully in a work environment. Get Fit for Coaching - A Skill Practice Game provides the tools and opportunities for participants to improve and develop the skill to “Get fit to Coach” through a fast paced and fun skills practice game.

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Dialogi–Coaching Tool

An interactive learning tool for building practical coaching and mentoring skills. This is the ideal toolkit for Coaches, Mentors, Managers, Trainers and Teachers!
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Delegate Now! Working With Others To Get Tasks Done.

This just-in-time tool will enable you to delegate effectively to get tasks done more efficiently. Your finite resource of time means that you just can’t do it all. Well executed delegation enables you to get better return on your time, develops people who work with you and gets work done to a high standard!

Setting Powerful Objectives

Powerful reminders about the huge payoff to be gained from setting meaningful objectives and clear guidelines on the potential pitfalls which can arise when people are not engaged or fearful about having objectives

Train The Trainer

Develop professional training skills. Turn managers into effective trainers.

The proven workshop for teaching non-professional trainers to develop and conduct effective training is back.

The comprehensive ‘how-to’ manual walks first-time trainers through every step of the process. Including developing and delivering effective training using adult learning principles all the way through. The workshop includes how to handle problem personalities and situations that can unnerve even the most experienced trainer, such as participants who won’t talk and those who won’t stop.

Using a learn-by-doing approach, Train the Trainer is full of opportunities for every participant to interact, practice delivery skills, try out new skills, build their confidence in a safe environment, and become effective trainers overnight.

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Engaging People in Service Improvement

Engage People in Impactful Conversations. Experience suggests that it is those directly involved in care who often have the best solutions. These conversation cards are designed to help you ask the right questions of yourself and others.