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Team Effectiveness Profile

Fast track teams to success

Whilst some teams may fall perfectly together either instantly or over time, some do not, or they may just need some help to be the best they can sooner rather than later. The Team Effectiveness Profile assists team members and the whole group to identify possible blockages or issues and offers ways to deal with them.

An excellent and proven tool that has consistently provided positive results for over 30 years!

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Team-work & Team-roles

What Makes Your Team Tick

Team-Work & Team-Roles is designed to help individuals and teams understand and improve team performance. By understanding their preferences, individuals and teams may modify their behaviour and become better problem solvers and decision makers. Team-Work & Team-Roles identifies the individual's and the team's preferences for the phases of a team task and for the roles that must be played in order to accomplish that task.

Using the assessment, individuals rank-order statements describing their manner of working on a team. Then, a team profile and group discussion help the teams to discover how they can modify their behaviour to ensure roles and phases are addressed.

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Team Conflict Strategies Inventory

Don't let unresolved issues drain the productivity from your teams!

Teams have preferred ways of handling conflict. Some teams avoid conflict at all costs, while others find that the battle gives them energy and motivation. Start your teams on a discussion of how they choose to handle conflict - and what impact their behaviour is having on their success.

All levels of teams can benefit from the Team Conflict Strategies Inventory it helps fully appreciate their own preference, to understand different approaches and when to use them, and how to deal with disagreements productively.

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Benchmarks of Team Excellence Participant Guide

Developed to help teams identify their current level of excellence, Benchmarks of Team Excellence makes an effective stand-alone training session.This tool measures the higher level of team functioning. ALSO ONLINE*.


Group Development Assessment

As your groups evolve into teams, it's vital that they periodically assess their current level of group development - and be willing to discuss it openly. The Group Development Assessment (GDA) gives groups a clear, comprehensive picture of how they're functioning - and of what it will take to become a team.


INSIGHT Inventory - TEAM

Using all of the tried and trusted knowledge gained by using the Insight Inventory, this team-focused product is dedicated to evaluating and improving vital group communication.


Team Roles Analysis-Participant Activity

Self-Assessment Form for Team-building, gives such clear insights into how to work together, build team identity, and also manage project development using each member’s strengths.

TeamShare Participant Booklet

TeamShare provides an opportunity for teams to explore how open they are in their communication patterns.


Trust: The Ultimate Test Participant Guide

This 24 item assessment is a powerful tool for helping facilitators explore the sensitive issue of trust — without arousing defensiveness. There simply is no other product like it available today.


What's My Team Member Style?-Participant Booklet

The 18-item assessment helps individuals evaluate how they typically behave on a team and the results reveal their preference for one of 4 team member styles. With increased awareness, they are able to appreciate other team members' contributions and address differences proactively. ALSO ONLINE*.


Effective Team Member Profile Participant Guide

Helps individuals understand what it takes to be a viable and potent member of a team - and how their behaviour clearly indicates the extent to which they are (or aren't) effective.


Effective Team Member Profile Feedback Form

Feedback Form helps provide useful feedback to another person about their performance as a member of a team.


What's My Team Member Style?–Feedback

Gives you the opportunity to provide useful feedback to one of your team members about how he or she behaves on the team.


Benchmarks of Team Excellence Facilitator Set

Benchmarks of Team Excellence makes an effective stand-alone training session. This guide includes supporting theory, sample participant guide, programme designs and transparency masters


Group Development Assessment Facilitator Set

The Facilitator Guide includes analyses of various team configurations and suggestions for righting team imbalances.


Team Roles Analysis-Facilitator Guide

One of the best ways to lead training. The Facilitator’s Guide is a modularised one-day programme designed to teach team members how to define their personal team role and combine it with the preferred roles of all team members creating a functional, more energised team capitalising on the preferences and strengths of the individual to maximise the total team’s performance.
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TeamShare Facilitator Set

TeamShare provides an opportunity for teams to explore how open they are in their communication patterns. It provides a structured experience in which teams can gradually gain experience in opening up, and giving and receiving feedback. Includes sample copy of TeamShare Participant Guide.


Trust: The Ultimate Test Facilitator Set

Trust: The Ultimate Test is a powerful tool for helping facilitators explore this sensitive issue - without arousing defensiveness. There simply is no other product like it available today. Through Trust’s 24-item assessment and its insight on the dimensions of trust-related behaviours, participants find a deeper understanding of trust, which they can apply to their individual, team, and organisational relationships.


What's My Team Member Style?–Facilitator Guide

Team performance begins with individual performance. So, what do team members need to do individually to contribute to their team’s success. (Now includes Personality Style for Dummies, & Personality Style at Work)

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Benchmarks of Team Excellence Theoretical Background

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