Negotiating & Selling

This section provides inventories, assessments, simulations and games to help participants identify personal negotiating style preferences and develop practical hands-on negotiating skills. All are supported by comprehensive Professional Facilitator Guides.

It is important to recognise that everyone is a negotiator, and everyone sets out to “sell” ideas and influence others at every level. Sometimes categorised as specialist competences that are needed only by sales people, negotiating and selling are core skills needed by almost everyone working in an organisation.

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Negotiating Style Profile

Are negotiations a nightmare, why not turn them into something positive with improved skills and understanding?

Understand the theory and practice of collaborative negotiation with the Negotiating Style Profile (NSP). Based on a win-win model, the NSP offers a simple framework for determining one’s negotiating style and the likely effect of that style in a negotiating situation. Ultimately, learn to focus on skills and methods that are likely to produce the best outcomes.

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Dealing with Tough Negotiators

Face difficult negotiatiors with confidence and skill

Effective as a stand-alone or as part of a wider negotiating program, the Dealing with Tough Negotiators series is particularly suited to those about to enter into a particularly difficult negotiation for the first time, or who routinely face tough negotiating partners.

This is also useful for negotiators who want to re-energise or refresh their own approach, or want to actively implement collabaorative techniques.

Both the Assessment and the Workbook are written for negotiators who have some negotiating experience. (For inexperienced or first time negotiators, we suggest the Negotiating Style Profile as an introduction to basic, collaborative negotiating.)

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What's My Selling Style?

Sell better! Sell More!

What makes one salesperson successful and another unsuccessful?

Popular books target characteristics such as ambition, initiative, self-confidence, tact... the list goes on. The common thread? Personality! Whether or not salespeople are aware of it, their personality shines through every interaction.

What’s My Selling Style helps individuals analyse how they typically behave in a sales situation, identify their customers’ styles, and learn how to adjust their own style to match their customer. With increased awareness and flexibility, salespeople can use style to maximise sales and rise above the competition.

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Influencing Style Clock

Easy-to-use 16-page self-scoring assessment provides a quick and easy ‘mirror’ that will help increase self-awareness and identify how to influence others successfully. ALSO ONLINE*.


16+Negotiation Style Profile Participant Activity

A learning instrument designed to help assess the manner in which you deal with various negotiations with other people in a work context.


25 Role Plays to Teach Negotiation, Volume 2

Incorporating four critical concepts based on recognition and understanding… includes FREE CD with 25 role plays from the popular first volume–50 total role plays
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Sales Style Indicator

Identify your preferred selling style. Understand the various customer buying styles. Learn ways to immediately improve your sales effectiveness and results with more ease and confidence. ALSO ONLINE*.


Negotiating Styles Profile

Everyone negotiates! This Instrument identifies the benefits of using a particular style and helps clarify the link between behaviour and its consequences. It also gives suggestions on ways to use each style preference. ALSO ONLINE*.


Influencing Strategies & Styles Profile

This 52-page self-scoring instrument includes comprehensive interpretative notes to help participants understand their scores and develop influencing strategies by demonstrating how appropriate style matches provide better results.


Selling Skills Inventory

Teach your salespeople the basics of smart, collaborative selling with the revised and expanded Selling Skills Inventory. Not only does this instrument measure aptitude, it also outlines a collaborative, step-by-step sales model your reps can put to immediate use.


50 Activities For Sales Training

Ready-to-use Activities will benefit both Novice and Experienced Salespeople


Influence Styles Inventory Questionnaire

This easy-to-score instrument assesses three communication styles that people use to influence others: Passive, Assertive and Aggressive.