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Just My Type: The Personality Game

An alternative to standard inventories and questionnaires, Just My Type is a fun, revealing card game based on Jung’s theory of personality types.
£135.00 excl VAT

Personality Style Toolkit Digital Format

This collection of 20 fast and fun training exercises uses such methods as self-reflection and role play to illustrate how personality style impacts key skills such as team-building, communication, coaching, sales, and time-management


Playing with Style Complete Game

Collection of card games for employee and management development training. Game play ranges from one-player solitaire to large group activities, and most games can be played in less than 30 minutes. Improves the knowledge of personality style and interpersonal skills. A supplement to the HRDQ Style Series.
£352.00 excl VAT

StylePlay - 3rd Edition Game Kit

These quick, energising games reinforce learning and build awareness in a fun, nonthreatening manner. Trains 8 - 12 participants. For additional players order an Extra Card Deck.
£352.00 excl VAT

Just My Type Game-Extra Cards

Includes one pack of 48 cards, enough to train a team of 4 participants
£10.50 excl VAT

Just My Type: The Personality Game Refill Game Pack

Extra resources for 8 participants; includes 8 Participant Booklets and 8 Tent Cards
£45.00 excl VAT

Personality Style Toolkit Sampler

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Playing with Style Extra Card Deck

Additional deck of playing cards. An excellent way to expand, enhance, and reinforce the learning gained from the HRDQ Style Series training assessments.
£19.50 excl VAT

StylePlay 3rd Edition Extra Deck

1 additional deck of 48 cards for the StylePlay Game
£19.50 excl VAT