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Personality style is an integral part of many training sessions.

Self assessment using the Type Indicator

Type Indicator makes identifying and understanding personal style easy, and unlike any other type tests, it uses forced choice pairs. Based on Carl Jung's theory of psychological types, the assessment helps people answer the question, 'Why do I act the way I do?'

Working Better By Exploring Personality Types

Why do we do things this way? It is always interesting to find out how personality style affects us. The Type Indicator gives participants a better understanding of themselves when they interact with people, process information, and plan their actions. You do NOT need to be certified to use the instrument. The Type Indicator is ideal for anyone in the organisation. It is the perfect tool for training programmes.

What do you need?

Order one assessment per participant.

The Type Indicator Model

The 20-item inventory measures preference for each style. Type Indicator introduces and explores the four personality types.

• Extroverted/Introverted, (E/I)

• Sensing/Intuitive, (S/N)

• Thinking/Feeling, (T/F)

• Judging/Perceiving, (J/P).

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Self-scoring assessment
OBJECTIVE To identify and understand personal style
AUDIENCE All organisational members
TIME REQUIRED 10 minutes
AUTHOR Alexander Hiam

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