Emotional Intelligence

The Emotional Intelligence products provide inventories, assessments and ‘how-to’ guides to help participants develop the flexibility to use emotional information to guide their thinking and behavioural skills. Each self-assessment is supported by a comprehensive Facilitator Guide

The product range will provide participants with best-practice models to help them monitor their own, and other peoples, emotions and build the skills and insights needed to manage them effectively. The personal development process helps participants to develop the skill of ‘saying the right thing’ and then accurately judge how the other person is reacting.

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Emotional Intelligence Style Profile

Understand your own emotional intelligence!

The Emotional Intelligence Style Profile is carefully designed to help you understand the way you apply your emotional intelligence. Each person uses their emotions and intelligence in different ways, there is no right or wrong; better or worse just a greater appreciation of how to make adjustments that increase your effectiveness and impact; and how better to smooth your interaction with those around you!

This Profile has the potential to improve your interactions, relationships and involvement with everybody in your life!

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Emotional Smarts-Form A

Provides a visual image of your skills in the four cornerstones. The self-scoring section consists of 94 statements.

Emotional Smarts-Form B

Long Version: Part one of the profile provides a visual image of your skills in the 4 cornerstones, while in part two you are provided with visual images and definitions of your skills in the 16 characteristics, or skill sets.

50 Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence

Reproducible activities focusing on developing talents such as: Self-awareness and Control, Empathy, Social Expertness, Personal Influence, and Mastery of Vision

Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook

A pocketful of tips, tools and techniques to improve your emotional awareness and your ability to manage feelings – yours and other people

The Manager's Pocket Guide to Emotional Intelligence

This guide covers the critical emotional qualities that can have a greater impact on success than general intellectual intelligence. Includes best practices on how to enhance self-confidence, empathy, self-control, and other important emotional competencies.

Emotional Smarts-Guide

Provides step-by-step instruction on how to administer both the Form A and the Form B Profiles. This guide provides a description of each of the 4 Cornerstones and 16 supporting Characteristics, or skill sets, so facilitators know how to credibly position, describe and present the Emotional SMARTS® model and concepts.

Emotional Smarts-Form A (FREE SAMPLE)

Free Sample available, (Limited to 1 copy per customer) while stocks last. Provides a visual image of your skills in the four cornerstones. The self-scoring section consists of 94 statements.

Emotional Intelligence Style Profile - Online Sample Report

This sample will enable you to assess the product more fully. Just add your selection to cart (as if shopping) and once registered on this website, go to the "MY ACCOUNT" section. There you will be able to access your Downloads.