Responsive Leader Questionnaire and Capability Inventory–Toolkit


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Contains 1 Employee Version, 1 Leader Version and The Interpretive Guide

The Responsive Leader Questionnaire and Capability Inventory–Toolkit includes an Interpretive Guide, Employee Version and Leader Version of the assessments. Comparing the leader's responses to the employee's reponses helps to validate the results Gaps between the results provide the opportunity for discussion, exploration and then improvement.

The Responsive Leader Questionnaire and Capability Inventory–Interpretive Guide provides leaders with insight into the Responsive Leadership Model, defines each of the four leadership styles in detail, and discusses the role that coaching and energising play in helping a leader maximise employee performance. It also includes helpful tips and techniques to assist the leader in improving these two core skills.

The ultimate goal of the RLQ Toolkit is to help leaders intuitively apply the Responsive Leadership Model to improve their leadership effectiveness and raise the productivity of their entire team.

Your success as a manager depends largely upon how well your employees perform.

To a great extent, their performance will depend on how you treat them. If you always deal with your people sensitively and lead them in a way that responds to their individual capabilities, you increase the chance that they will respond by giving their best. Recognising this truth, an effective leader adjusts his or her leadership behaviours to match each individual's needs rather than using the same pattern or leadership style with everyone.

In the Responsive Leader Questionnaire And Capability Inventory–Employee Version you are asked to provide feedback on a manager's leadership style. The first part contains a questionnaire in which the participant is asked to consider their relationship with the manageer by responding to 16 items. Next they complete the 2-part Capability Inventory. Complete instructions for taking and scoring both parts of the inventory are provided.

Includes 1 Participant Guide - Employee Version. Order one Participant Guide for each individual.

The Responsive Leadership Model identifies four levels of leader intervention:

Direct: This is the way we do it.

Persuade: We do it this way because.

Involve: How do you think we could do it better?

Trust: Use your initiative freely so we can do it as well as possible.

Each of the four styles comprises varying levels of leader intervention. At the lower end of the scale, the Direct style involves frequent supervision. At the other end, the Trust style requires very little leader intervention and these employees are allowed to exercise their initiative more than others.

When the leadership style is in sync with the employee’s capability then the leader is employing an appropriate amount of intervention. When leadership style and employee capability are out of sync, it will feel to the employee that the leader either intervenes too much, or too little, and some adjust on the part of the leader will be required.

Learning Outcomes

• Determine if current leadership style is appropriate for individual employees

• Learn how to assess employee commitment and capability levels

• Discover how to quickly identify which leadership style is best for each employee

• Understand why coaching and energising are critical to maximising employee performance.

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Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Assessment
OBJECTIVE To measure current skill in managing employees
AUDIENCE Leaders, Managers and Supervisors
TIME REQUIRED 15 minutes
AUTHOR John Nicholls, Ph.D.