Structuring Personal Activity


Category: Assessments
Code: 4503

Insight into how you structure your individual and team activities

Assess and sharpen the ability to organise the work environment, complete projects and meet deadlines

Structuring Personal Activity explores the ways of structuring the personal work activities and the activities you do with others. Does the individual dig in and deal with problems encountered with a project — or take time to stop and plan the approach?

It’s common in business to experience problems when organising the work environment, completing larger projects, meeting deadlines and structuring free time. Most people have not had the opportunity to examine this important area and evaluate personal abilities. By completing this assessment, the respondent gains an unbiased assessment of strengths and weaknesses and practical guidelines for improving personal skill.

The profile focuses on five behaviour areas:

• Organising personal work and personal work environment

• The degree of structure desired for daily activities

• Structuring the smaller tasks and activities required to complete larger projects

• Achieve the most creativity when meeting deadlines

• Ways in which you create structure in your free time

Complete the 25-item assessment, score it and interpret the results. The next step is putting the learning into action using the numerous tips and strategies provided.

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FORMAT Assessment
AUTHOR Roelf Woldring