Conflict & Stress

The MLR Conflict products include the assessments and inventories needed to manage these critical workplace dynamics. (All are supported by Professional User Facilitator Guides). They help your participants recognise that everyone has a preferred style or way of responding to conflict—and  then develop the skills needed to turn good intent into action .

So, don’t let ‘conflict’ and ‘stress’ become managerial and personal problems. Turn the negative into a powerful positive force that provides the energy and potential for creativity and ensures that ‘stress’ doesn’t become ‘distress.’

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Dealing with Conflict

Turn Conflict into a Positive!

Conflict situations do not have to end badly and with the help of Dealing with Conflict, they can actually be turned into a constructive advantage with a positive resolution. In order to achieve this you need to understand not only your own approach to those occasions but the attitudes of others, and how to amend your own style to achieve those highly desirable positive conclusions!

Reap the benefits of good management of conflict in virtually any situation – for managers, leaders and team members.

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Conflict Strategies Inventory

Make Conflict Situations Positive & Enriching

Conflict does not have to be destructive, with the right approach it can become a force for improvement and creativity.The Conflict Strategies Inventory accurately identifies an individual’s typical reaction to conflict, examines the potential outcomes associated with each strategy, encourages the use of more effective tactics, and provides skill-practice in resolving day-to-day issues. Designed for people who have had or currently have problems dealing with conflict in the workplace. The CSI is particularly useful in management development and team-building activities prior to the introduction of specific conflict management skills

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Style Matters–The Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory

A psychometrically validated 24-page conflict style inventory. If you have previously worked with other five-style inventories such as the Thomas-Kilmann™ you won’t have to learn a whole new framework.

Conflict Style Inventory

Conflicts, large and small, are a fact of life, including work life. This inventory has been developed to help participants learn more about how they and others deal with their conflict at work. This self scoring assessment uses responses to 10 mini cases to provide participants with a conflict profile that displays their use of 5 styles: Problem solving, Smoothing, Bargaining, Forcing, and Avoiding. Simplifies training by orienting conflict resolution toward the problem- solving/collaborative style which research shows is consistently the most successful strategy.

Resolve It Now! Dealing With Conflict at Work

This pack of 48 questions shows you how to reduce the negative impact of conflict in your team and organisation

Stress Indicator and Health Planner

Assess your current level of stress and wellness in five critical areas. Also learn about specific strategies to immediately improve your health and performance. ALSO ONLINE*.

StressChek Control Card

A terrific ice-breaker that's sure to liven up your training session, and a great takeaway for your participants!
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Team Conflict Strategies Inventory Participant Guide

Provides an ideal opportunity for teams to work through issues and learn how to handle future conflicts more productively. For teams who have been in existence long enough to have experienced conflict.

16+Conflict Style Profile Participant Activity

Simple and accurate 38-page Conflict Style learning instrument designed to help you assess the manner in which you deal with conflict with people at work. Part of the 'Resource Wizard 16+Style' integrated series, it is intended to help you increase your success and enjoyment from your work.

Lunch & Learn Delegate Pack - Managing Difficult Situations

Materials for ten delegates attending a Managing Difficult Situations Lunch & Learn session

50 Activities for Conflict Resolution

A creative, engaging, and useful collection of conflict resolution activities from Jonamay Lambert & Selma Myers

50 Activities for Managing Stress

This collection of fully reproducible training activities is designed to help managers and employees understand the sources of workplace stress, types of stress, how stress effects performance and most importantly - how to better manage stress.