INSIGHT Inventory-360° Style Feedback Set


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This folder contains five INSIGHT 360 degree Style Feedback Inventories, step-by-step instructions for using this product successfully, and guidelines for conducting productive follow-up discussions

The INSIGHT 360° Feedback Set turns self-awareness into self-improvement.

This is the perfect follow-up for in-depth leadership training and team building. Some instruments have only self-assessment ratings. Other systems use only ratings done by co-workers. INSIGHT does both.

This valuable tool supplies essential feedback to users of the INSIGHT Inventory. It shows the participants how their personalities and behaviour affect those around them.

Using the INSIGHT 360° Feedback Set, participants learn if their self-perception matches how others perceive them. With awareness of how others view their style, participants will understand the positive and negative ways their behaviour affects their team members and work environment.

Receiving information on how others perceive them makes it easier to:

• handle misunderstandings and conflict

• pinpoint why others react the way they do

• discover how to create harmonious and productive workplaces

The INSIGHT 360° Feedback Set is fast and easy to use!

Getting positive, accurate feedback is as easy as following these five steps:

1. Asking for Feedback - Participants distribute feedback forms to five coworkers, subordinates or leaders--anyone whose feedback would be helpful. The forms take only minutes to complete, so they won't take a bite out of your training session or the work day.

2. Scoring the Results - Either the person asking for feedback or a third party can quickly and easily score the feedback forms as soon as they are completed. The entire scoring process takes just minutes.

3. Charting the Profiles - The 360° Feedback Set lets participants see how each individual perceives them as well as providing a group average. They will be able to analyse where the profiles differ and how their own self rating compares with each respondent's.

4. Computing the Average - The 360° Feedback's flow chart makes it easy for anyone to compute the group average from the individual feedback forms. Participants get a perspective of how they are seen in general and can compare this to their five individual feedback profiles to spot variations that might be important to talk about.

5. Discussing the Results - The 360° Feedback Set even gives helpful instructions on how users can discuss the results with those providing the feedback. These insightful tips help create open and positive discussions leaving each person with an improved understanding of how to work better together.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Instrument
OBJECTIVE To identify and understand personality styles and strengths
AUDIENCE All organisation members
AUTHOR Patrick Handley, Ph.D.

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