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Jungle Escape

Rescuing teams around the world

An instant hit since it was first introduced thirty years ago, Jungle Escape is an experiential training game that takes new and intact teams on an imaginative adventure: having just survived a crash-landing in a remote jungle, a team of engineers must build an escape helicopter using the spare parts they were transporting.

Jungle Escape isn’t just about fun and games, though. Real learning is quickly absorbed by the players as they discover and practice the critical skills surrounding the processes of team planning, problem-solving, and decision-making. Before they know it, they’ve experienced first-hand the research-proven differences between a well-functioning 'Cohesive' team and a 'Fragmented' or 'Divergent' one.

Jungle Escape is an effective, reliable classic team building simulation!

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Communication Derailed Second Edition Game Kit

Hands-On games to get people back on track. Can be used as a stand-alone learning event or integrated into a larger training initiative.
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Jungle Escape 4th Edition Extra Participant Booklets

Extra Participant Booklet (4th Edition while stocks last)


Jungle Escape Theoretical Background 5th Edition

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Communication Derailed Extra Game Pack

Communication Derailed Extra game parts for one team, includes materials to train one additional team of 4-8 participants. For larger groups order 1 game oarts pack for each extra team.
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