Development Styles


Category: Assessments
Code: 4500

Provides insight into the fit between your personal development style and professional development programmes

Get valuable feedback on how to get the most out of professional development

Development Styles is a self-assessment and workbook that explores the kinds of professional development activities that best match your learning style. For example, choosing the 'self work' option at the end of professional development sessions — or the 'group work' option?

You’ve probably noticed that some professional development programmes motivate you, you enjoy them, you learn more and you’re better able to change your on-the-job behaviour. Here’s your opportunity to examine this critical area close-up. By completing this assessment, the respondent will gain insight into the fit between personal development styles and professional development programmes.

The profile focuses on two behaviour areas:

• Determining what is true and the construction of new knowledge

• Interacting with others in group situations.

The package contains everything needed — a 20-item assessment, scoring instructions and interpretation guidelines. In minutes, the respondent can complete the profile, plot development styles and gain a new awareness of the kinds of professional development activities that best match personal learning style.

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FORMAT Assessment
AUTHOR Roelf Woldring