The Team Memory Jogger™


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A 164-page mini-guide for team members which helps you take advantage of the rewards offered by team membership and work through the challenges that may arise.

As organisations increased the use of teams to improve processes and solve problems, quality managers and organisation development specialists saw the need for improving the ability of team members to function in team settings. Familiar with the GOAL/QPC Memory Jogger™ format they asked for a Memory Jogger™ specifically for team members to help them reach the 'perform' stage as quickly and effectively as possible.

You can maximise your teams’ potential with The Team Memory Jogger™. This pocket reference guide can help smooth out communication, productivity, and decision-making problems. Team members learn the interpersonal skills and teamwork guidelines essential for productive teamwork.

The guide is designed for members of all types of teams–project, process improvement, self-directed, or intact work teams; task forces; and many others. All topics are examined from the viewpoint of what a team member can do—not what the team leader or a manager should do—to make teamwork more productive and successful.

Features include:

• Practical information on 37 key topics

• Tips on building your own team skills

• Suggestions for dealing with team problems

• Examples of completed tools

• Checklists for getting started in each chapter

• Specific ideas for taking action

• A comprehensive index

The Team Memory Jogger™ contains useful guidelines for all team functions, issues, and concerns, including:

• Giving and accepting feedback

• Agreeing on a team purpose

• Establishing ground rules

• Having productive meetings

• Making good decisions

• Implementing changes

• Tips for troubleshooting

• Checking results and progress

• Keeping records and documentation

• Successfully achieving closure

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AUTHOR GOAL/QPC And Oriel Incorporated