The Manager as Role Model CD

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As a manger you are a role model to your staff – so what sort of an example are you setting? One of a series of compact disc programmes that can work for everyone, from the shop floor to board level.

In The Manager as Role Modelyou will find out what being a role model really means and how to consciously set a good example in behaviour and attitudes. Also how you can use role models yourself to improve the example you set for others.

The Manager as Role Model Contents

• The importance of setting an example

• How to learn from others

• Modelling behaviours

• Modelling attitudes

• Learning by consciously modelling

• Choosing role models for yourself

• Dealing with times when you are not a good example

• A Guide to Better Management series sampler

The Guide to Better Management Audio Series is a collection of twelve titles based on neurolinguistic programming. This is an approach which can be applied to many business issues and helps you discover your own excellence.

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