Incident at Elves Chasm: Action Plan



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Additional copies of this Consensus and Consultation simulation for Grand Canyon Adventures programmes

Incident at Elves Chasm Scenario

In this simulation, set on the Colorado River, a crisis has occurred and the group must build consensus and create a plan of action. Additional copies of this simulation for Grand Canyon Adventures programme.

The Scenario

You are a group paddling through the enormous proportions and scenic colours of the Grand Canyon in order to develop  improved teamwork, decision-making, and leadership skills. You hired Moki River Exoeditions to equip you with a paddling raft, a supplier raft, and two boatmen. You left Lees Ferry on a 15-day trip to Diamond Creek on a westward journey of 226 miles through approximately 130 rapids. The river is flowing at approximately 10,000 cubic feet per second. You will traverse the Great Basin, Sonoran, and Mohave deserts while dropping an average of eight feet every mile for a total of nearly 1,400 feet in elevation.

Attribute nameAttribute value
OBJECTIVEConsensus and consultation
AUDIENCEAll organisation members
TIME REQUIRED1 to 2 hours
AUTHORCarmine Consalvo