Performance Management

The products in this section include inventories and assessments designed to help managers at all levels understand and use best-practice models of leadership, coaching and mentoring. They help participants develop style flexibility and the practical skills that will improve individual and team performance. All resources are supported by a comprehensive Facilitator Guide.

There are many different components of successful Performance Management, so explore the options listed below to see which meet your specific needs.

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Remarkable Performance Development

Does your organisation have pain points around performance management?

Yes? Well, if you aren’t able to change systems or software, Remarkable Performance Development will allow you to make the tools and forms you already use actually work.

This training program helps leaders learn how to make a significant and vital change within the confines of existing systems, offering ways to implement a proven and reliable process for ongoing, improved performance that has real results. You’ll be able to take the discussion from fixing what’s wrong to a more forward-looking, constructive way to improve performance and develop people.


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Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory (Pack of 5)

Compares an individual’s scores on the four CCAI dimensions (Emotional Resilience, Flexibility/Openness, Perceptual Acuity, and Personal Autonomy) and will help identify strengths and weaknesses when it comes to interacting with other cultures. ALSO ONLINE*.


Participative Management Profile

Optimising Your Decision-Making

When leaders face situations where they need to make critical decisions, they typically tend to search for the best ways to carry out a conscious strategy. However, there are times when disposing of the items in one’s in-basket often requires almost instantaneous decision making.

In these moments, leaders need to pause for a few moments to decide before actually delving into the situation itself. In this sense, awareness precedes meaningful choice.

The Participative Management Profile (PMP) provides employees with the exact guidelines needed to execute confident decisions.

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Performance Management Through 5 Key Conversations

The 5 conversations every manager concerned with performance should be having!

Performance Management Through 5 Key Conversations helps managers identify their skill level in engaging employees in the 5 key types of performance-related conversations, enabling managers to create a profile of skill level in each of these Conversations and providing insight on the areas for improvement.

Good conversations facilitate the development of high-performing employees through collaborative and constructive dialogue; engage employees in meaningful, performance-related conversations, to build relationships and get results in a less awkward, more productive atmosphere. 

Performance Management Through 5 Key Conversations is effective when used alone or as part of a management development programme. The instrument can be used to establish a new approach, to performance management in an organisation, or to provide basic skills for new managers or supervisors. It is also useful when used to suggest an alternate or complementary approach to existing techniques.

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Perspectives Online Credit

The online assessment is administered to participants through the online portal (which you will be sent access to) and includes personalised reporting, full-colour charts, interpretive information, worksheets, and action planning. A detailed report is delivered electronically to the facilitator/administrator when complete. The trainer can control if the participant can access their report. You will receive the assessment link/info via a separate email.


What's My Time Style?

Learn the Time Management Style that Suits you Best

Time management is very personal and the best approach varies for all of us, the What’s my Time Style? enables participants to identify what works best for them. Ideal as a stand-alone module or as part of training programmes such as Facilitating; Leading Meetings; Team/Project Management.

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Mentoring in the Moment

Mentoring in the “real” world

It used to be that mentors and mentees could set aside their work, for regularly scheduled mentoring meetings. But given the time demands that most of us face, scheduling such 'extracurricular' time has become tough - or just plain impossible. Today's mentors need to take advantage of everyday work situations as opportunities to mentor.

Mentoring in the Moment addresses this modern trend by providing a framework that mentors can use to identify and respond to mentoring opportunities.

Mentoring is a journey with specific phases that unfold over time, each requiring a different type of mentoring behaviour. The art of mentoring 'in the moment' lies in accurately gauging where mentees are in their developmental journey, and then altering your responses accordingly.

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Achieving Peak Performance Employee Version

Aimed at increasing an employee's awareness of their individual needs


Enhancing People's Performance at Work

Discover how to work with individuals in your organisation to remove barriers to their performance and to create the best opportunity for them to do a great job! This new range of conversation cards encourages people in organisations to have better quality conversations about the things that impact organisational performance.


Cross-Cultural Adaptability Online Sample Report

This sample will enable you to assess the product more fully. Just add your selection to cart (as if shopping) and once registered on this website, go to the "MY ACCOUNT" section. There you will be able to access your Downloads.



Making Good Decisions at Work

A just-in-time tool that will enable you to have an immediate and positive impact on decisions made in your organisation.


Performance Appraisal Skills Inventory

Help managers turn performance appraisals into productive and even enjoyable experiences.