What Do You Say?


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12-item self-assessment designed to give you insight into the ways in which you respond to people in your interpersonal communications.

What Do You Say? is a self-assessment that helps identify your communication style. By selecting the responses that indicate how you are most likely to reply in 12 different episodes or situations, you will gain insight into your style of influencing others. Your raw scores on the response styles are then tied to parent, adult, and child patterns of communication and the 'paradigm shift' that is occurring in organisations committed to empowerment and Total Quality Management.

What Do You Say Interpretation

How are you likely to respond when someone speaks to you? What do you say? And what can you learn about the way you view others and relate to them? An analysis of your responses gives you insights into your communication style and its impact on others.

This assessment yields four scores that indicate the degree to which the respondant deals with:

• Empathic Response
• Critical Response
• Searching Response
• Advising Response. 

This comprehensive section contains eight pages of information enabling you to see which is your predominant style; either Communication Style or Management Style.

Selected Contents Include:

• Interpretation
• The Four Ego States
• Parent-to-Child Responses
• Adult-to-Adult Responses
• Child-to-Parent Responses
• Summary
• What is Your Predominant Style? 
• Communication Style and Management Style
• An Era of Changing Style
• Two Sets of Assumptions about People
• Questions for Your Consideration. 

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