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At Management Learning Resources we support our customers by providing high quality L&D and soft skills resources which can be incorporated into your own learning initiative. We produce and distribute a wide range of learning materials and these are described on our website.

MLR works closely with authors and product developers to ensure that every resource has been tried and tested before we offer it to you. This means that you can rely on the resource to deliver what it promises.

Benefits of working with MLR

We save you time and money by having a solution available when you need it. No need to go through the process of piloting and testing the resource as this has already been done for you. Now you can concentrate on achieving the results that you need.

Because our team have a wide range of experience of learning initiatives, they can provide expert advice and guidance on the suitability of specific resources. Established in 1986, we have built up an extensive data-bank of how our resources can be used, so if you need advice on instructional design, we are happy to help.

Our aim is to provide you with choices and alternatives, so that you can select from a range of resources on most subject areas. This allows you to create the best fit between your needs and our products. We can provide support when you need it, but we try to avoid resources which require you to get involved with expensive (and sometimes unnecessary) licensing programmes. However, we offer opportunities to become accredited to use high-end products that need professional support and interpretation.

Who are our customers?

Well, people like you!

We are a business-to-business organisation and this is reflected in our customer base which includes a wide range of private and public sector organisations as well as consulting companies. Because of the comprehensive support materials, such as Facilitator Guides and access to the authors, we cater for all levels of learning management skills.

Whether you’re an experienced consultant or needing resources to be used by operational managers, we can provide the help you need.

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We pride ourselves on our customer service and we're happy to help with any query that you may have, just email us and we'll get back to you: [email protected]

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