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Whether you read this book from cover to cover or tap into specific chapters when you need answers, this book is guaranteed to quickly become your go-to resource and the first step to making improvements to your professional career, both present and future.

The Secret to Working with (Almost) Anyone

The bottom line, personality is the key to your success (or failure)

Your personality. It's the sum total of who you are and how you approach every angle of life, from your career choices and performance track record to what you do in your free time. And it can also be your competitive advantage if you understand how it works and how to use it.

But getting to really know yourself and the nuances of your personality style, not to mention what drives the actions of your coworkers, managers, teams—and even whole organizations—takes more than intuition alone.

That's where Personality at Work comes into play.

This book shows you how to quickly and accurately identify your personality style, decode the behaviour of others, and spot different personalities. But the real value is that it clues you in on how to flex and tweak the way you communicate, your language, body gestures, and physical space to create a better match when a natural 'fit' just isn't there—with just about anyone or any situation. You'll be amazed at how easy it becomes to build rapport with the people around you, communicate with your boss, be an effective team member, achieve success on the job, and much, much more.

The backbone of Personality Style at Work is the highly regarded HRDQ Style Model, the popular formula that more than a million people have relied upon to understand not only what makes them tick—but those around them as well. What makes it so powerful is that it takes the complexity of personality and boils it down into four simple, memorable words: Direct, Spirited, Systematic, and Considerate. The meaning behind these terms gives you the key to unlocking what drives human behaviour.

Selected Contents


Part 1 Understanding Personality Style

i What is Personality Style and why does it matter?
ii The two dimensions of Personality Assertiveness and Expressiveness.

Part 2 How to recognize your own and others’ Personality Style

iii Recognising Personality Styles
iv When styles collide.

Part 3 Personality Style in the Real World–a style for every situation

v Styles and Communication
vi Managing and leading people on every stripe and colour
vii Working on teams
viii You can get along with your boss.

Part 4 Using Personality Styles to advance your career

ix Plant where you’ll bloom
x Bloom where you’re planted.

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OBJECTIVE To quickly and accurately identify your personality style
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