Personality Style at Work-Sample Report


Category: Online Assessments
Code: CR158sample
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Personality style acts as a lens that shapes how we see the world, which in turn influences how others see us. 

This is HRDQ's latest and most statistically accurate assessment. It's a simple, but highly effective tool that measures both the core behaviours that make-up an individual's style and the lens through which they choose to navigate their world.

Learning Outcomes

• Identify a preference for one of four primary personality styles.
• Reveal the degree to which you practice the three drivers or motivators of each style.
• Discover the effects of assertiveness and expressiveness on your style.
• Learn the core preferences and behaviors of all four styles
• Understand how to flex or adapt your style to meet the preferences of others.

Personality Style at Work is, at its core, a developmental tool and is suitable for anyone interested in understanding how their behaviors affect their own performance and interactions with others. As such it has applications in leadership development, management and supervisory training, team culture, team building, communication, and career development.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Online Assessment
OBJECTIVE To help better understand ourselves and others
TIME REQUIRED 10 to 15 minutes