Leader Manager Profile Feedback Booklet


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Use the companion Feedback Booklet to provide your managers with 360 degree feedback. Feedback scores from associates provide a side-by-side comparison.

The Leader-Manager Profile–Feedback helps you to provide useful feedback to another person about their leadership and management strengths and identify opportunities for improvement.

Feedback Form includes:

• 36-item inventory

• Pressure-sensitive response form

Today’s business environment demands that all managers effectively display both leadership and management skills. However, managers often aren’t clear on what distinguishes these competencies — or how to balance these two different yet complementary skill sets.

The Leader-Manager Profile enables both your managers and your organisation to achieve success. This assessment illustrates for managers how their competence as both a manager and a leader can contribute to meeting the demands of the marketplace.

Learning Outcomes

• Clarify the differences between leading and managing

• Pinpoint the skills needed to be effective in each role

• Understand how to balance and improve the 2 skills sets.


The Leader-Manager Profile is based on the works of several well-known management experts including Bennis, Kotter, Kouzes, Posner, and others. The model for the assessment exemplifies both leadership and management skills and competencies.

How It Works

The assessment presents 36 statements pertaining to either managing or leading. After scoring is complete, participants create a profile by plotting their leadership and management scores (as well as sub scores for 6 individual competencies) on charts. Feedback scores from associates provide a side-by-side comparison. Finally, an action planning activity, worksheet, and reflection questions provide a framework for improvement.

Uses for the Leader-Manager Profile

The Leader-Manager Profile is effective when used as a stand-alone instrument as well as a component of a larger management or leadership training programme.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Assessment
OBJECTIVE Learn how to balance leadership & management skills
AUDIENCE Mid- to high-level managers
TIME REQUIRED 1½ - 2 hours
AUTHOR James Eicher