Leader-Manager Profile Theoretical Background


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Download the theoretical background behind the Leader-Manager Profile.

This report includes detailed information about the specific methods and research used to develop and test Leader - Manager Profile.

The Leader-Manager Profile is based on the works of several well-known management experts including Bennis, Kotter, Kouzes, Posner, and others. The model for the assessment exemplifies both leadership and management skills and competencies.

Today’s business environment demands that all managers effectively display both leadership and management skills. However, managers often aren’t clear on what distinguishes these competencies — or how to balance these two different yet complementary skill sets.

The Leader-Manager Profile:

• Clarifies the differences between leading and managing

• Identifies the competencies needed to be effective in each roles

• Improves both leadership and management skills

• Illustrates how to balance the two skill sets.

The Participant Booklet includes the self-assessment with pressure-sensitive scoring, a description of the leader-manager model, interpretive information, and action planning guidelines and worksheet.

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