Manage Conflict for Positive Outcomes

Conflicts, large and small, are a fact of life... including in your work life. This inventory was developed to help you learn more about how you and others deal with conflict at work. Conflict isn’t always a negative influence in teams and organisations. The Conflict Style Inventory assesses individual approaches to conflict and shows how to make conflict a constructive, rather than destructive, force in your workplace.

This edition includes scales to measure a team’s approach to conflict as well as each individual’s approach.

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Picture of Conflict Style Inventory

Conflict Style Inventory


Self Assessment: Order One Per Participant.

This inventory has been developed to help participants learn more about how they and others deal with their conflict at work. This self scoring assessment uses responses to 10 mini cases to provide participants with a conflict profile that displays their use of 5 styles: Problem solving, Smoothing, Bargaining, Forcing, and Avoiding. Simplifies training by orienting conflict resolution toward the problem- solving/collaborative style which research shows is consistently the most successful strategy.

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Picture of Conflict Style Inventory Trainers Guide

Conflict Style Inventory Trainers Guide


Facilitator Guide: Order One Guide Per Trainer.

Revised edition provides 2-hour, 4-hour and full day workshop outlines on teaching conflict resolution skills. This HR trainers guide includes detailed explanations of the 10 mini-cases in the questionnaire, information on validity and excercises that include a role play based on one of the cases.

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