Leadership Effectiveness Profile Facilitators Guide


Category: Assessments
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This guide provides an entire feedback workshop that covers each of the eight competencies in detail, as well as coaching tips for each of the 96 individual questions. Includes 1 copy of the Participant Workbook.

The Leadership Effectiveness Profile Facilitator’s Guide has been designed as a reference tool to help people take positive action after completing the Profile. Includes one copy of the Leadership Effectiveness Profile Participant Workbook.


Section one: Using the Leadership Effectiveness Profile in a Workshop Setting

Provides facilitators with a general introduction to the subject and how the instrument can best be administered. It then covers each of the eight most-important Leadership Effectiveness competencies in detail, augmented with exercises, discussion ideas, and suggestions for workshops and additional learning opportunities.

Participating individuals can discover more about themselves and others through discussion and exercises in a workshop environment tailored to the needs of the organisation. Short or long, formal or informal, a workshop can encourage collaborative discussion on the subject.

Section two: Individual Question Coaching Tips

Designed to provide individuals who have completed the questionnaire with practical coaching tips for each of the ninety-six individual questions. These specific strategies or action steps, if used consistently, will help individuals significantly improve their overall effectiveness as well as improve competency areas where scores are low.

Section three: Personal Action Planning

Addresses the subject of Action Planning. Once the individual completes the assessment and reviews the information and suggestions in Section 2 they need a formal action plan.

Section 3 provides the participant with record-keeping aids and information on the various strategies or approaches they can adopt for improvement in each competency category.

Two components should be particularly helpful:

• A Personal Action Plan template to record the areas most in need of attention, the person's aggregate scores, and specific steps to be taken to become more effective

• A Contract for Change template, to be used as is or customised as needed.

The Leadership Effectiveness Profile helps us focus our time and effort on what is most in need of attention.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Binder and Participant workbook
OBJECTIVE To help individuals determine their ability to lead more effectively
AUDIENCE All organisation members
AUTHOR Dr. Jon Warner, B.A., M.B.A.