Empowerment Profile Theoretical Background


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Wise leaders know that power is an unusual kind of currency. The more you give it away, the more you end up having. Help leaders understand this essential concept with the new edition of the Empowerment Profile - an in-depth instrument that provides leaders with a measurement of the degree to which they perceive themselves to have power at work.

Use the Empowerment Profile for:

• Selling managers on the benefits of empowerment.

• Management and leadership development programmes.

• Strengthening manager/employee relationships.

Participants create two profiles: one based on their assessment of their own empowerment, the second profile based on scores compiled from the leader's employees' assessments of their own empowerment. The assessment measures perceptions of empowerment along 8 dimensions, including autonomy, climate, control, and influence. Together, the two charts provide a complete look at empowerment in the leader's work environment.

Empowerment Profile Leader Version includes the leader's self-assessment and the profiles. Background information and an action planning section help leaders understand how to empower themselves and their employees.

Empowerment Profile Employee Version contains only the employee's self-assessment. It is designed to provide leaders with data on how empowered their employees actually feel.

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AUTHOR John E. Jones, Ph.D. and William L. Bearley, Ed.D.