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ChangeAbilitator-Participant Questionnaire

A Tool for Managing Change that identifies six types of concerns people often experience when a change is introduced into their team or organisation. Giving a clear picture of the obstacles they need to overcome to be successful.

Coaching Effectiveness Facilitator Set

This Trainer Guide Provides an entire feedback workshop that covers each of the seven Coaching Effectiveness competencies in detail. Also provides coaching tips for each of the eighty four individual questions.

Coaching Effectiveness Profile

A competency-based instrument to help determine your ability to coach others successfuly and to suggest how to improve your skills. ALSO ONLINE*.

Coaching Effectiveness Workshop Instructors guide

This Instructor's Guide is all an instructor needs to conduct a Coaching Effectiveness workshop. Also includes a CD containing the slide masters in electronic format.
£117.65 excl VAT

Coaching Effectiveness Workshop Participant Workbook

Everyone these days is talking about 'coaching'. But do supervisors understand what 'coaching' really means? More importantly, do they practice it regularly? Use this participant booklet with the Coaching Effectiveness Workshop.

Coaching Skills Inventory Facilitator Set

In addition to the 7-step coaching meeting model, the revised and expanded facilitator guide now includes a complete step-by-step workshop design, optional activities, reproducible masters, CD-ROM presentation, sample participant guide and more.
£145.52 excl VAT

Coaching Skills Inventory Participant Guide

No manager looks forward to approaching employees about job-performance problems — yet few tasks are more vitally important. The Coaching Skills Inventory offers a logical, 7-step formula for conducting coaching meetings that are based on mutual trust and respect.

Communication Effectiveness Profile

This 84 item, self-scoring assessment simplifies the large and complex subject of communicating with others by assessing discrete behaviours that group in 7 categories or competencies. ALSO ONLINE*.

Communication Effectiveness Profile Facilitator Set

Enables a trainer to lead a half-day workshop administering, scoring, and interpreting, the Communication Effectiveness Profile. Includes templates for development planning and 84 sets of coaching tips.

Communication Response Style

20-item self-assessment that identifies a person's relative strength in each of four response modes - critical, advising, emphatic, and searching.

Conflict Strategies Inventory Participant Workbook

Comprehensive full-colour Workbook supports the workshop and offers in-depth information, skill-practice, and development-planning to make learning stick.

Conflict Strategies Inventory Self-Assessment

The trick to prospering through conflict is first to understand it—and then know how to manage it productively. In fact, research shows that proper conflict resolution can result in new ideas and solutions, better problem-solving, improved relationships, and even performance enhancement. ALSO ONLINE*.