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Jonico Window-Other

Improve delegation and empowerment skills for greater performance 4-page feedback version
Code: 4320B
Category: Assessments

Improve delegation & empowerment Skills

The clear and powerful feedback resource for increasing a manaager's awareness of how to use delegation and empowerment skills. The Jonico Window is the result of extensive reaearch and is designed for leaders of all kinds of teams.

Leading your team as a coaching enabler

Jonico Window graphically illustrates how much and how well the manager delegates and/or empowers staff members. It provides the manager with a clear understanding of how he/she does, or does not, delegate and how this behaviour affects the team. The Participant Workbook provides guidelines for generating feedback from team members using the Leaders Behaviour—Other version of the Questionnaire.

The instrument is the result of extensive research into team behaviour and is designed for team leaders of all kinds. It provides guidance on how these skills can be used for developing both the manager and the individuals he/she manages.

Products specifications
Format Instrument
Objective To improve delegation and empowerment skills
Audience Anyone involved with delegation
Time Required 75 minutes
Author Dr. John Nicholls
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