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Give your participants a key competitive advantage.

Research shows that one of the critical skills separating good leaders from great leaders is the conscious use of intuition in daily decision-making. Great leaders actively call on their intuition to enhance decision-making, whereas less effective leaders tend to rely too heavily on traditional approaches.

Give your participants a key competitive advantage with the Intuitive Decision Making Profile (IDMP) . This instrument helps individuals learn to make complex decisions by putting their 'database' of real-world knowledge and experience to work using their intuition.

Participants will:

• Discover to what extent they already utilise their intuition.

• Determine when it is appropriate to use intuition in decision-making.

• Learn to identify and overcome emotional and cognitive 'blocks'.

• Enhance the conscious use of intuitive decision-making.

The IDMP Participant Booklet features pressure-sensitive scoring, a chart for determining when to use intuition, and action planning worksheets.

The Intuitive Decision Making Profile participant booklet includes:

• a description and interpretation of the intuition and decision-making model

• tips for practicing and improving the basic elements of intuition

• charts to help determine when intuition is appropriate in decision-making

• suggested resources for further study, and action planning charts.

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AUTHOR Jim Andrews, Ph.D.

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