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Internal Customer Service Assessment Facilitator Guide

The Facilitator Guide features theoretical background, administrative guidelines, reproducible participant handouts, overhead transparencies, and more.


Intuitive Decision Making Profile

Give your participants a key competitive advantage.
£15.24 £7.62

Jonico Window - Self

Effective, results driven delegation

Delegating effectively is an increasingly important skill in today’s working environment. The Jonico Window is a clear and powerful tool for increasing understanding & awareness of how to use delegation and empowerment. As with much else our own style affects how we use those skills, Jonico increases the participants awareness of the impact of their own approach.

The proven tool for everybody who wants to delegate effectively for results.


Jonico Window Facilitator Guide

A tool to improve delegation and empowerment skills

60 page comprehensive trainer guide includes PowerPoint Presentation covering the key points as well as a copy of each of the participant workbooks

£39.50 excl VAT

Jonico Window-Other

Leading your team as a coaching enabler

Improve delegation and empowerment skills for greater performance 4-page feedback version


Knock Your Socks Off Service: Employee Assessment

The Employee Version, intended for customer service employees, focuses on your employees' perceptions of their abilities - and those of the organisation - to deliver Knock Your Socks Off Service.

£15.85 £7.92

Leader-Manager Profile Facilitator Set

Approach leadership as a measurable and learnable set of behaviours with this well-known 360-degree assessment tool that helps individuals measure their leadership competencies and learn how to apply the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership to real-life organisational challenges. Includes samples of the Leader-Manager Profile and Feedback Booklet.

£151.34 excl VAT

Leader-Manager Profile Feedback Booklet

Use the companion Feedback Booklet to provide your managers with 360 degree feedback. Feedback scores from associates provide a side-by-side comparison.


Leader-Manager Profile Participant Guide

Introducing the Leader-Manager Profile by James P. Eicher. HRDQ’s Leader-Manager Profile will enable both your managers and your organisation to achieve success. This 36-item assessment, based on the works of several well-known management experts, illustrates for managers how their competence as both a manager and a leader can contribute to meeting the demands of the marketplace.


Leadership Effectiveness Profile

This assessment focuses on the eight most-often-cited behaviours or attitudes. ALSO ONLINE*.


Leadership Effectiveness Profile Facilitators Guide

This guide provides an entire feedback workshop that covers each of the eight competencies in detail, as well as coaching tips for each of the 96 individual questions. Includes 1 copy of the Participant Workbook.


Leadership Practices Inventory Observer Form

The 30-item observer assessment associated with the Leadership Practices Inventory. Provides any leader, from executive to frontline manager, with objective 360-degree feedback on the thoroughly researched leadership behaviours behind the inventory. Requires the LPI Facilitator Guide for scoring.