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Personal Development

The Personal Development products include assessments, inventories and simulations focus on building core skills for managers, leaders and employees at every level. All resources are supported by a comprehensive Facilitator Guide.

This wide-ranging product category provided resources that can be this for many purposes including improve personal awareness, develop talents and potential and facilitate employability.

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Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator

Identify your inherent entrepreneurial strengths and difficulties. Compare your character traits to those of other successful entrepreneurs. Learn specific ways to enhance entrepreneurial effectiveness and success. ALSO ONLINE*.

50 Activities for Promoting Ethics within the Organization

Increase ethics awareness among your managers, teams and sales personnel with this 350-page resource

Job Style Indicator

Understand the style expectations of your job responsibility and your work position. Determine job-style compatibility, improve performance, intentionally build on a team's strengths, and plan your career to increase your personal fulfillment. ALSO ONLINE*.

Training House Reproducible Games and Simulations

Reproducible games and simulations for teams to gain experience in key concepts and skills essential to their success in the workplace

Career Anchoring Pattern Free PDF Sample

This free pdf sample will enable you to assess the product more fully. Just add your selection to cart (as if shopping) and once registered on this website, go to the "MY ACCOUNT" section. There you will be able to access your Downloads.

Personal Effectiveness Inventory Participant Activity 2nd Edition (FREE PDF SAMPLE)

Free Sample PDF available, (LIMITED TO 1 PER CUSTOMER) A quick and easy diagnostic for time management or personal development. The self-scoring, 50-question Inventory means that in 15 minutes you will have raised many of the key issues underpinning personal effectiveness.

Personal Creativity Assessment-Facilitator Guide

This leaders guide contains 3 separate training modules handouts and transparency masters to improve the application of creativity in daily work, develop personal creativity, and use structured creative thinking techniques for a variety of business uses. Exercises facilitate the interpretation and scoring of the Personal Creativity Assessment.

Personal Effectiveness Inventory Second Edition Facilitator Set

Newly updated in line with the Second Edition of the PEI. Comprehensive guide for trainers, includes downloadable PowerPoint slides and a copy of the participant workbook.
£39.50 excl VAT

Assertiveness Style Profile Facilitator Guide

Provides a comprehensive explanation of how to administer the profile. Includes sample copy of Participant Profile

Entrepreneurial Style And Success Indicator - Online Credit

This credit registers you for one individual use of the ESSI Online Assessment to a participant of your choice. You'll need to purchase one credit per participant. After your order is processed, you'll receive an email that contains a link to complete the assessment.
£41.50 excl VAT

Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator In-depth Interpretations

Provides additional insight into business tendencies, often typical of an individuals behaviour, and feedback to the ESSI

Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator Professionals Guide

This 80-page practical guide will assist any professional educator, trainer, seminar leader or presenter to administer, interpret and apply the ESSI in a variety of settings