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A revised and improved 16-page version of the classic MbM instrument. This 20-item, 15 minute, self-scoring assessment from leadership authority Marshall Sashkin uncovers your motivations, teaching you to use natural instead of external motivators with direct reports.

The MbM Questionnaire

The MbM Questionnaire consists of a series of statements that may or may not describe how you feel about your job and work life. The participant is asked to decide on the extent to which each of twenty statements accurately describes personal views and feelings. It is designed  to help discover and better understand the most important work life factors.

Management by Motivation

There are many ways for managers to improve job performance by using the motivation that employees bring with them to work. This assessment provides a number of specific suggestions. 

Turn Maslow and Hertzberg into practical motivation skills

This instrument is based on the classic motivation theories of Maslow and Herzberg. These identify motivating factors in terms of an individual’s security, social, self-esteem, and self-actualisation needs. Managers will learn to understand their own motivations, and more importantly to take into account employees’ motivations as they relate to performance and organisational change issues. MbM shows managers how to capitalise on employees’ natural motivators rather than focusing on less relevant external motivators.

Increase management effectiveness through improved motivation skills.

Completed and scored in 15 minutes

The 20-item questionnaire can be completed and self-scored in 15 minutes, and includes brief and insightful interpretive material. This instrument is a stimulating new addition to existing supervisory and management development workshops on change, teams, and leadership.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Self-scoring questionnaire
OBJECTIVE To increase management effectiveness through improved motivation skills
AUDIENCE All organisation members
TIME REQUIRED 15 minutes
AUTHOR Dr. Marshall Sashkin

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