Team Roles Analysis-Participant Activity


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Self-Assessment Form for Team-building, gives such clear insights into how to work together, build team identity, and also manage project development using each member’s strengths.

Packed with team-building and team leadership strategies

Each member of a team contributes something unique and valuable to the group. With Team Roles Analysis, your team members can discover their natural roles for making things happen, their special strengths, the team roles of others—and how to handle the differences productively.

Accelerate the natural and healthy process of team-building.

Packed with team-building and team leadership activities, this self-assessment will help your team solve problems, build a strong sense of identity and adjust to the thinking and communicating styles of others.

When used with the Facilitator's Manual, you have one of the best ways to lead training that turns individual members into a great team that leads itself.

Activities include:

• Accommodations and Adjustments. Team members will discuss things they or other members can do differently or better to make it easier to work together productively.

• Fostering Team Involvement. Participants will think about things they can do individually or as a team to build involvement and a stronger group identity.

• What Stage Is Your Team In? Members will examine the stages of team development, determine the one that best applies to them and choose the team member who is a natural leader at the current stage.

• Problem-Solving with Team Roles. Teams will learn how to use team roles to overcome such problems as lack of motivation, disorganisation, poor communication and failure to complete assignments.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Self-scoring questionnaire
AUDIENCE All organisation members
TIME REQUIRED 1-5 hours depending on modules chosen
AUTHOR Alexander Hiam

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