Benchmarks of Team Excellence Facilitator Set


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The Benchmarks of Team Excellence are designed to enhance team performance across various groups, such as departments, management teams, project teams, and self-directed work teams. They provide participants with an overview of their team's performance measured against six indicators of excellence.

Benchmarks of Team Excellence was developed to help teams identify their current level of excellence. It provides important information about the experience and attitudes of those who know the team best - the team members. Through their scores for six indicators of excellence, team members can identify areas of strength and weakness, discover overall patterns of agreement, and bring to the surface areas of differences in perceptions about how the team is functioning.

Benchmarks will help you measure to what extent teams possess the six indicators of excellence:

• alignment

• team effectiveness

• empowerment

• passion

• commitment

• and results.


Benchmarks of Team Excellence was developed as part of an extensive research project that investigated the relationship between various leadership behaviours (visionary leadership behaviours and good management practices) and the level of excellence in the manager's team. A thorough review and synthesis of the literature revealed six indicators of excellent work units: alignment, team effectiveness, empowerment, passion, commitment, and results. Although we could find instruments that measured some of these indicators, we were surprised to find that a statistically-sound team effectiveness instrument that measured all six indicators did not exist. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a new instrument in order to conduct the research. Over 500 people participated in the development of this instrument.


The discussion and action planning can be self-managed by the group or facilitated by a team leader, team member, or external facilitator. The assessment can easily be administered and interpreted, and it does not require special training to be used effectively.

Benchmarks of Team Excellence Facilitator Guide includes

• Administrative guidelines

• Theoretical background info

• Descriptions of the 6 Indicators

• Interpretive information

• Technical development information including reliability, validity, and more

• Sample training design

• Blank Training Outline

• Certificate of Training Template

• Training Evaluation Template

• Sample Self-Assessment


Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Instrument
OBJECTIVE To identify and measure a team's current level of functioning
AUDIENCE Intermediate or established groups or teams
AUTHOR Jesse Stoner, EdD

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