Resolve It Now! Dealing With Conflict at Work


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This pack of 48 questions shows you how to reduce the negative impact of conflict in your team and organisation

Deal with conflict confidently

Unresolved conflict in an organisation can be corrosive which in turn hampers progress when people can’t and/or won’t review the position they have taken in a conflict.

When people confront the role that their preferred approach to conflict plays, it is far more likely that the conflict, whatever it is about, has the opportunity of being sorted out in a way that everyone involved can sign up to.

Entrenchment never resolves any conflict, nor do high levels of emotion when they have overtaken logic.

This pack of 48 questions shows you how to

• Reduce the negative impact of conflict in your team and organisation.

• Deal with conflict confidently

• Show people how to act in different and better ways when conflict arises

• Increase performance in your organisation.

Written by Vicki Espin

Acclaimed as one the UK’s leading executive coaches, Vicki trained as a professional, corporate and executive coach in 1990 and has won national awards for her work. An accomplished organisational conversationalist, Vicki has more than 23 years’ experience of engaging senior business leaders in challenging conversations about things, which impact performance in organisations.

Passionate about the bottom line impact of the quality of conversations in organisations, Vicki writes and co-authors with specialists an increasing library of conversation cards.

The cards are designed to have an immediate impact on conversations at all levels about things, which matter to organisational success and have been enthusiastically welcomed by organisations and development professionals alike.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Flash Cards
OBJECTIVE To reduce the negative impact of conflict
AUTHOR Vicki Espin