Say It Now! Feedback to Inspire Change


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This pack of 48 cards considers feedback from 4 fundamental perspectives and equips you to give feedback through specific examples you can easily adapt for your own situation.

The word 'feedback' strikes fear into people's hearts

But giving and receiving feedback is in the interests of everyone associated with an organisation. For most people, giving feedback is easy to talk about and challenging to do; giving and receiving high quality, impactful feedback takes courage and continuous practice. This pack containing questions, tips, reminders and example phrases is designed to support people with both.

Increase The Quality of your Feedback

Feedback is an amazing, straightforward way of inspiring people to work towards their potential. This in turn means they make a greater contribution to the business.

Feel More Confident When Giving Feedback

It can be given to everyone, every day as part of business as usual. Left until a formal review the impact is lost which means it is not worth saying.

Increase Your Leadership Skills

Giving feedback is one of the biggest pieces of organisational learning that needs to happen. Most organisations struggle with this and so never begin to address it or address it in a piecemeal way which means the impact on behaviour across the organisation is negligible.

Say It Now! Feedback to Inspire Change

This title was developed by Vicki Espin working in partnership with Carole Swindells, Associate Director of Learning & Development with Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. Carole is passionate about feedback in the workplace and its role in continually improving performance and motivating staff to achieve their full potential which in turn fundamentally impact the quality of patient care.

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FORMAT Flash Cards
OBJECTIVE To increase the quality of your feedback
AUTHOR Vicki Espin and Carole Swindells