Building Productive Relationships at Work


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Build Unique Relationships with People

Establishing, building and sustaining win-win relationships with people are the true hallmarks of leadership.

Coaching Questions Help

• Facilitate discussions

• Raise self-awareness

• build productive relationships

• build unique teams

• Ideas about what makes a great leader are changing.

Building Productive Relationships at Work

Academic achievement, technical know-how and intellectual ability used to be the only qualities which mattered for leadership.

The new measures of success for leadership come in the shape of qualities such as, building rapport, listening, empathy, demonstrating respect, to name just a few.

And nowhere is this truer than in organisations. Developing personal qualities around people is now essential for a successful leadership career.

The best brands, the best products and the best locations are devalued when the behaviours of the people on the front line do not deliver the service promised.

People reflect their leaders’ behaviour to their customers and other stakeholders. These are real moments of truth for any business.

No business can expect people to treat customers as special when they fail to make their people feel special too. Valuing people is a tangible behaviour.

Valuing people creates people valuing people. What are your leaders doing to build unique relationships with people in their teams?

Containing 48 questions, 35 skill prompts and 10 powerful tips this powerful pack is designed to have an immediate and tangible impact on the conversations of anyone who uses it.

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