What's My Leadership Style - Online Sample Report


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What's My Leadership Style is a management development and leadership style assessment that identifies leadership style and helps organisational leaders, managers, and supervisors improve performance and become effective leaders.

Part of the best-selling HRDQ Style Series, What's My Leadership Style is a validated assessment that quickly and accurately identifies a preference for one of four behavioural patterns based on measures of assertiveness and expressiveness: Direct, Spirited, Considerate, or Systematic.

With increased awareness of their personal style and a practical mental framework to build upon, aspiring leaders can assess and adjust their own actions, interpret the behaviour of others, and improve their ability to win hearts and minds in any situation calling for effective leadership. 

Participants respond to 20 pairs of adjectives, using a pressure-sensitive form. After scoring is complete, easy-to-read charts allow respondents to quickly scan the strengths and trouble spots that characterise their particular leadership styles.

Current theory suggests that different situations require different leadership styles. In fact, the most successful leaders are those who are able to adapt their style to the unique demands of the situation. By responding to the 20-item What’s My Leadership Style inventory, participants will learn their preference for one of four styles and find out how to adapt each style to different situations.

Learning Outcomes

• Identify personal leadership style
• Learn how to capitalise on style strengths
• Discover how to minimise style trouble spots
• Learn how to 'flex' personal style to interact most effectively with others.