Sales Style Indicator Trainer Guidelines


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Code: 4023T

Complete step-by-step instructions for leading participants through and scoring the 64-item Instrument

The Sales Style indicator(SSI)is a 64-item, forced-choice, self-administering assessment designed to identify the participant's Sales Style Pattern, based on four scores determined by the assessment. The scores represent the participant's preference for each of four sales style dimensions.

1 Behavioural Action

2 Cognitive Analysis

3 Interpersonal Harmony

4 Affective Expressions.

The SSI is full of explanatory information about the Sales Style dimensions and the 21 sales style patterns. It also outlines six steps which lead to the understanding of Sales Style, ending up with an action plan that each person can complete to increase their strengths and decrease limitations.

The fastest route to building a stronger team is through assisting salespeople to establish trust, rapport, and credibility with their clients, potential clients, and team members. This instrument guides individuals to understand the importance of creating long-term relationships to ensure repeat business and increased sales.

Uses and Applications

The SSI can be used to select and develop relationship-building sales professionals and sales managers. It identifies the individual's fit to sales positions, ranging from service-based selling to competitive selling. The SSI has been used in a wide variety of sales cultures including:

• High-tech

• Automotive sales

• Financial services, and many others.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Instrument
OBJECTIVE To identify preferred selling styles
AUDIENCE Individuals and sales teams
AUTHOR Everett T. Robinson, M.A.

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