PAIR Behavioural Style Instrument Facilitator Guide

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Trainer guide to accompany the participant workbook, includes a sample copy of the participant workbook

The 32 page PAIR Facilitator Guideprovides comprehensive guidelines for administering the questionnaire and interpreting the scores. It gives essential background information on behavioural styles and the development of the instrument.

The PAIR Behavioural Style Instrument™ has been used successfully for the last 20 years or so, and is fully classroom tested. It is one of the many models that categorise human behaviour into four ‘styles’.

A great benefit of the PAIR Behavioural Style Instrument™ is that it is compatible with the well-known Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI™). The major axes of the diagram correspond, broadly, to the sensor-intuitor (SN) and thinker-feeler (TF) scales in the MBTI™.

This Facilitator Guide accompanies the Self-Assessment Instrument for the Foundation version of the PAIR Behavioural Style Instrument™. It shows how the model can be presented and used as a half-day module in a training programme on interpersonal skills.

In this Foundation version, the participants will:

• Consider why a knowledge of behaviour styles is useful for managers

• Be introduced to the model and learn how to use it

• Use a questionnaire to determine their own primary and secondary styles

• Examine the ways in which different styles see each other

• Consider how they could benefit from the strengths of someone with a seemingly incompatible style

• Take note of the effect of behaviour style on teams and their effectiveness

• Learn how to recognise a person’s style from their office, dress, and speech

• Learn how to influence people with a given behaviour style

• Increase their self-awareness as they think of ways in which they may carry strengths too far so that they become a weakness

• Use a pictorial exercise to become familiar with the material so that they are able to use it in practice.

The PAIR Behavioural Style Instrument™ has a wide application in every area of interpersonal contact. Managers can use it to enhance both their personal effectiveness in dealing with others and to improve team formation and performance.

The PAIR Behavioural Style Instrument™ Facilitator Guide follows the structure of the Participants’ Activity and is in seven sections:

1. Introduction to the PAIR Behavioural Style Instrument™

2. Familiarisation with the characteristics of the four styles

3. How different styles see each other and can benefit from them in team working

4. Recognising the four styles in practice and influencing them in a way that matches their style

5. A pictorial ‘visioning’ exercise to help absorb the material and make it useable

6. A self-assessment activity to avoid carrying strengths to the point of weakness

7. Appendices explaining the processes involved.

Includes PowerPoint presentation on CD–ROM.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Instrument
OBJECTIVE To introduce behavioural style
AUDIENCE Front-line employees, supervisors and junior managers
TIME REQUIRED 1 to 2 hours
AUTHOR Dr. John Nicholls