PAIR Behavioural Style Instrument


Code: 4321
An ideal introduction to Personal Behavioural Style

The PAIR Behavioural Style Instrument™ provides a clear understanding of an individual’s personal behavioural style and helps him/her increase personal effectiveness through recognising and identifying that style differences are positive and can add value. Used for over 15 years in a wide range of organisations, PAIRis based on the well known dimensions of Sensor-Intuitor (SN) and Feeler-Thinker (FT).

PAIR is a self-scoring inventory supported by 20 pages of participant resources that cover interpretation of results and the development of a personal action plan.

PAIR Behavioural Style Instrument consists of:

Section 1 Introduction

• What is Behaviour Style?

• How Can Knowledge of Behaviour styles be useful?

• Introduction to the PAIR diagram

• Your personal PAIR Profile.

Section 2 Familiarisation

• Principal Characteristics of the Four Styles

• Positive Aspects of Behaviour

• Negative Aspects of Behaviour.

Section 3 How different styles see each other

• How a given style sees the others

• Valuing others

• How opposites can help each other

• Balancing teams.

Section 4 Recognising and Influencing the Four Styles

• Recognising the four styles

• Clues to Behaviour Style

• Influencing others to act

• How to influence a person with a given style

Section 5 'Visioning' activity

• A 25-minute Group Assignment to help absorb the data

Section 6 Self-assessment activity

• Strengths carried to excess can become weaknesses

• Strengths v Allowable Weaknesses

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Instrument
OBJECTIVE To introduce behavioural style
AUDIENCE Front-line employees, supervisors and junior managers
TIME REQUIRED 1 to 2 hours
AUTHOR Dr. John Nicholls