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A Change Management Culture

The rise of matrix management is rooted in three workplace trends that have developed over the last few decades. Workplace globalisation demands that a manager be able to juggle employees in different time zones and cultures. Customer insistence requires managers to balance taking action and planning while listening to customers who have more access to the product development process than ever before. And technology fluctuation challenges managers to assess which new tools will contribute to business success.

Introducing the Matrix Manager Inventory: Leading in a Collaborative Environment, the timely assessment and training program that’s designed to help both new and seasoned managers to acquire and develop the ability to flex between “command and control” and 'influence and collaborate' management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to balance the skills required of traditional and matrix management
  • Understand the matrix management decision-making criteria
  • Build a 'spectrum' of skills and behaviors that drive successful influence and collaboration
  • Define the role set or network needed to be a successful matrix manager
  • Overcome the daily dilemmas and challenges of matrix management.

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OBJECTIVE To learn how to balance matrix management skills