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Job Style Indicator Trainers Guidelines


Category: Instruments
Code: 4004T

Support tool for the JSI to assist individuals wanting to assess job positions.

Job Style Indicator Trainers Guidelines

The JSI is self-scoring, providing immediate perception results. Four total scores are generated, one for each of the Personal Style Dimensions.

• Behavioural Actions (Changing Things)

• Cognitive analysis (Handling Data)

• Interpersonal Harmony (Relating with People)

• Affective Expressions (Exploring Ideas)

Uses and Applications

Suggested uses for this instrument include:

• Clarify Responsibilities

• Confirm Expectations

• Establish Mutual Understanding

• Confirm Work Style Needs

• Employees

• Prospective Employees

• Career Centres and Recruitment Agencies

• Intentional Team Building

Job Style Indicator Trainers Guidelines selected topics include

• Instrument Review

• Instrument Background

• Trainer's Outline

• Trainer's Guidelines

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AUTHOREverett T. Robinson, M.A.