Tall Ships Building Effective Teams Extra Game Pack

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Code: 278GP1
Draw-string bag containing 1 pack of extra game parts

PLEASE NOTE: This is not the complete game.

The Tall Ships Extra Game Pack includes:

• 7 Participant Guides

• 1 set of reusable parts with tape measure

• 1 set of 3 game cards

• 1 mesh bag

For larger groups, order one Game Pack for each additional team of 5–7 participants.

Raise your team’s effectiveness with Tall Ships, the fast-paced simulation that challenges teams to race against the clock — and others teams — to build the tallest ship mast at the lowest cost. Participants learn about and practice the 7 skills critical to effective team performance: Clarity, Capability, Collaboration, Commitment, Communication, Continuous Improvement, and Creativity.

Learning Outcomes

• Practice and understand the 7 factors critical to effective teamwork

• Identify strategies to improve team performance

• Learn how to apply the 7 skills to an actual team scenario.

Attribute nameAttribute value
OBJECTIVETo improve teamwork skills
AUDIENCEGroups and teams at all organisational levels