Personal Style Mirror Facilitator Set

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Provides comprehensive information on how to get the best from the instrument, including interpretation of scores, and helpful background information on personal styles and presentation materials. Also includes a copy of the participant workbook

Behaviour Styles: Overview

Your Personal Style Mirror is the foundation of a family of training products that can be applied to a wide range of interpersonal skills. As participants cover the different applications, they become progressively more familiar with Behaviour Styles and are increasingly able to make practical use of this knowledge in their daily activity.

The style model is well researched and soundly based on Jungian dimensions—making it compatible with MBTI®. The family of products covers the application of the Style Mirror to the whole range of interpersonal skills. All the resources have been fully validated and have further benefited from extensive use in management and personal development programmes.

The range of applications for the Personal Style Mirror

Applications being developed include:

• Your Influence Style Mirror

• Your Negotiating Style Mirror

For each application, the foundation module introduces the Behaviour Styles concept and—via a self-assessment questionnaire—provides an opportunity to determine an individual’s own style and consider its implications for his or her interpersonal behaviour in that particular application.

The structure of the Facilitator Guide

This guide is based on the extensive, practical experience of Dr John Nicholls the author of this product and his associates.

Their experience in using these resources has been distilled and is encapsulated in the guide. Thus, in addition to background material and straightforward presentation of the content, there is extensive coverage of the exceptions and special cases that are common with instruments of this kind. In addition, the guide provides suggested sessions.

Master copies of the teaching OHPs are provided in a PowerPoint presentation. A sample copy of the Participant Workbook is also included.

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FORMAT 3-ring Binder
AUTHOR John Nicholls, Ph.D.