Rainforest Game Theoretical Background


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How The Rainforest Game works:

Small teams representing the member organisations of the consortium are challenged to complete a 5-foot long puzzle. Each organisation, sponsoring a specific endangered species, has pieces of the overall picture as well as their sponsored animal. But because no one team has all the pieces, they must be able to work collaboratively in order to successfully complete the task at hand.

Following the activity, participants consider their experience in the context of real-life, organisational experience and discuss the four critical skills needed to effectively work across boundaries:

• Reaching Out

• Sharing Information

• Exploring Alternatives

• Making It Happen

Participants will:

• Learn how to work effectively across functions, geography, and distance.

• Breakdown communication barriers.

• Creatively solve complex problems.

• Examine assumptions about how people and functions work together.

Perfect as a stand-alone learning experience or as part of a larger training initiative, The Rainforest Game is highly adaptable and flexible. The thorough Facilitator Guide offers detailed instructions, facilitator tips, design options, a wide range of discussion questions and additional activities, action planning, and more. The discussions may be focused in several areas including leadership, communication, problem solving, innovation and teamwork.

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