Rainforest Game Second Edition Participant Workbook


Code: 276PB
Extra Participant Booklet

PLEASE NOTE: This is not the complete game, just a single Rainforest Game Participant Booklet.

Participants will:

• Learn how to work effectively across functions, geography, and distance.

• Breakdown communication barriers.

• Creatively solve complex problems.

• Examine assumptions about how people and functions work together.

Perfect as a stand-alone learning experience or as part of a larger training initiative, The Rainforest Game is highly adaptable and flexible. The discussions may be focused in several areas including leadership, communication, problem solving, innovation and teamwork.

The Rainforest Game Second Edition Participant Workbook includes all of the instructions for playing The Rainforest Game and engaging in the activities. The Participant Workbook is also a place to record notes and action-planning items, and will serve as a valuable post-game follow-up resource.


• Module 1: Getting Started 
• Module 2: Introduction to the Game 
• Module 3: Playing the Game 
• Module 4: Debriefing the Experience 
• Module 5: Measuring Performance 
• Module 6: Working Across Boundaries 
• Module 7: Personal Development Planning 
• Module 8: Summary and Review 
• Critical Practices.
Attribute name Attribute value
OBJECTIVE To emphasise the importance and value of collaboration and communication
AUDIENCE Individuals at any organizational level
TIME REQUIRED 1½ to 2 hours
AUTHOR Amy Judith Tananbaum