Personal Style Mirror Participant Book


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You are unique with your own set of characteristics & experiences.

These are not good or bad... just different!

Learn how others see you, and how to deal with them!

Understand your Personal Style...

...for better workplace relationships, avoid needless conflict, increase influence and effectiveness.

Build positive relationships

360 degree effectiveness

Your Personal Style Mirror will provide you with helpful information about your style strengths and how to flex your style to increase your effectiveness.

Useful with colleagues as well as clients or suppliers where ever human interaction effects outcomes!

A quick, accurate, self-scoring instrument. Can be used for stand alone self appraisal, or as a group activity or part of a wider programme.

An excellent user friendly concise instrument for non expert participants  when you need a quick, yet accurate, means of helping others to understand their personal style and its impact.

Personal Style Mirror is based on two ‘Jungian Dimensions’ that are used in other well-known instruments. These are Sensor-Intuitor (SN) and Feeler-Thinker (FT) and provides the basis for the PSM. Having completed the self-scoring questionnaire, the user is able to explore his/her style and begin to understand the accompanying strengths and weaknesses.

PSM has been widely tested and provides the consultant, trainer and facilitator with an easy to use style instrument that is quick and accurate. To help with transferring learning, PSM includes a mini ‘case-study’ on diagnosing others styles and an Action Plan. These can be used as part of your session design or developed into follow-on activities for participants.

The PSM Facilitator Guide provides comprehensive information on how to get the best from the instrument, including interpretation of scores. It includes helpful background on personal styles and presentational materials.

Overall Personal Style Mirror is a theoretically sound and cost effective instrument that has a wide variety of real word applications.

Attribute name Attribute value
FORMAT Instrument
AUDIENCE All organisation members
TIME REQUIRED 10-15 minutes to complete and score
AUTHOR John Nicholls, Ph.D.