Just My Type Game-Extra Cards

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Code: 160E
Includes one pack of 48 cards, enough to train a team of 4 participants

PLEASE NOTE: This is an extra pack of cards to train a team of 4 individuals, not the complete game. 

Just My Type makes a perfect introduction to any communication, diversity, leadership, or personality-style workshop. The game is also effective as a stand-alone learning event. Each Complete Game trains up to 16 participants. All materials except for the Participant Workbooks are reusable. For larger groups, order one Just My Type Extra Packof cards for each additional 4 players.

How It Works

Just My Type Cards are divided into four 'suits,' representing the 4 personality dimensions. Each card contains an adjective relevant to a particular personality style. For example, a Thinking card might contain the word 'logical.' Players are randomly dealt several cards from each suit. Some of the cards may describe them, but many won’t. To fashion a hand that best captures their personality style, players trade and discuss cards. After the game, participant workbooks provide an overview of personality types, short activities, and instructions for generating and discussing an optional team profile.

Attribute name Attribute value
OBJECTIVE To identify and explore personality types
AUDIENCE Individuals at all levels
TIME REQUIRED 45 to 60 minutes
AUTHOR John Taylor